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Hollywood Takes On Israel | Thehill

I've never been ashamed of my pacifist point of view of things at any time since I became a card-carrying hippie back in the '60s. Singer-songwriter John Legend said he was so sick of watching kim kardashian sekstape free stream our Secretary of State have to grovel so hard to tell Israel how much he loves them while Israeli cabinet shts on him. Rob Schneider, a veteran ofSaturdayNight Live who went on to play http://raymundoasvy.postbit.com Deuce Bigalow, tweeted, To not be outraged at the killing of children is to risk kim kardashian cristiano ronaldo your very soul. #Gaza. Members of Congress have generally been quick to back Israels war as justified, and the Obama administration has repeatedly underlined Israels right to defend itself. Still, there has been some sharp criticism in recent days from the Obama administration over Israeli strikes that have killed civilians. On Sunday, the State Department issued a statement criticizing as disgraceful an Israeli strike outside a United Nations-operated school and shelter that killed 10 Palestinians. President Obama, who has received campaign contributions from many of the stars criticizing Israel's actions, saidFridaythat innocent civilians in Gaza caught in the crossfire have to weigh on our conscious. Many of the celebrities who have criticized the military offensive in Gaza have given campaign contributions to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks fundraising. Other celebrities have defended Israelis actions and slammed fellow stars who have suggested Israel has shown little regard for civilian casualties.
Source: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/214292-hollywood-takes-on-israel

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