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Men Are Buying Up These $1,200 Designer Sneakers - Yahoo Finance

kim kardashian and rayj Another pair is a silver printed 3D calfskin high-top sneaker with black plates. Zanotti's sneakers range from $500-$1,500, and he credits Kayne West as the first person to wear one of his styles. "That was proof I was going in the right direction." His men's kim kardashian ray j video sneaker kim kardashian ray sales increased 127% this year compared to last year. Related: Why these sunglasses cost $150 Men have been a bright spot for retailers in the shaky economic recovery -- especially young men. "They are increasingly becoming more affluent ... they have more disposable income and they're interested in attire," said Will McKitterick, an analyst at IBISWorld. http://www.dailystrength.org/people/3017732/journal/11447315 He added that men's athletic shoes accounted for 29% of http://quintinqcbw.mywapblog.com the total shoe market in 2014, just shy of the 31% women's non-athletic shoe sales made up.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/men-buying-1-200-designer-142200205.html

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