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Hollywood Production Center's Glendale Locations Available For Corporate Events - Yahoo Finance

Both facilities offer office space, beautifully appointed rooftop patios with Hollywood-Hill views, and windowed, large-capacity, open-space meeting rooms. In addition to being in prime filming locations, HPC2 (121 W Lexington Dr) and HPC3 (225 E Broadway) host myriad rooftop corporate events -- from mixers and Wrap Parties to Grand Openings -- throughout the year. Parties interested in utilizing the rooftop venue of either of Hollywood Production Center's two Glendale locations are encouraged to contact the facility directly. Hollywood Production Center also offers sprawling, comfortable, fully serviced click here office space to accompany these incredible entertaining venues. HPC is proud to announce the season premiere of Mob Wives, which is produced by Left/Right Productions. The series, premiering its fifth season on December 3 on VH1, follows a group of Staten Island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for http://whitakertftu.sosblogs.com crimes connected to the Mafia. D'avanzo, Big Ang, Graziano, and Guerico will be returning for season 5; Karen Gravano will also return, following a fourth-season hiatus.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hollywood-production-centers-glendale-locations-160000263.html

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